Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I haven't posted in quite a while, and here is possibly why...

In December, we had a new baby, which means I was pregnant for at least 9 mos. prior to that, which means I was very tired.  I was also in school for most of that time.  Well, actually that is a new development also.

I was working full-time, but I quit that job right around the time I came down with mono for the third time in my life... and then found out I was also pregnant again.  I decided for my health that I needed a change.  I applied for a grad assistantship and now I am seriously pursuing a Ph.D. program in Education (as opposed to halfheartedly pursuing it). Still, that did not leave time for blogging.

Also, when I quit my job, I stopped getting pay checks.  Weird.  But right around that time, I decided that I should apply for WIC since our income would be significantly decreased.  At the same time, I felt I could not justify taking help from the government while we also spent $225 a month for about the equivalent of 8 very fresh and locally grown meals from Fair Shares.  So we dropped our share.  I was sad, to be honest, but realized how much of a luxury that type of food is... It is sustainable in the way it is produced, but not in its accessibility to the masses.

We finally have recycling bins close to us.  First, they appeared on side streets close to us, and lo and behold, one day a recycling bin appeared in the alley behind our house, which means we can empty the bins any time we want!  And contrary to my former sarcastic remark that recycling is only for rich people, I now know that recycling is also a luxury that is not always accessible to the masses.  But it should be available to everyone.  So should fresh, good food.  But it has to be at a good price, as well.

Our garden was a constant learning experience this past year.  Actually, the weather was against everyone.  It was so hot that even professional farmers had trouble... and then stayed warm so we had lettuce in November and a few tomatoes to boot. 

It's probably about time to start seedlings in the basement for next year already... my husband will probably be the one to do it, though.  He is the executioner around here.  I think up the schemes and he executes them.  It works for us.  I have more hopes set on our garden this year, though, since that will possibly be a major source of fresh veggies for us without our Fair Shares share.  I might have to get my hands dirty...

The chickens lost one of their companions last year.  She was fine in the morning, and by evening she was dead.  I cried.  I don't know if I can really put them in a soup now.  They are still laying, but not as much as the first year.  We may get a few more older chickens in the spring from an uncle who is getting a whole new flock.  Then we will have more eggs than we know what to do with since we also get eggs with WIC.

And finally, I have not made granola for a few months, even though I had stocked up on oats and coconut.  First, we get cereal with WIC.  The price of commercial cereal was part of the reason I made granola.  Secondly, I have been pregnant and now just tired.  So that's what happened.  Maybe I will start up again.

God is good.  There is provision for our family in various ways.  And I feel more in touch with my neighbors than before.  Well, my neighborhood, I should say, since we don't have proper neighbors--the houses next to us are abandoned and empty, and the closest inhabited house has a transitory population.  The children that live there haven't been by since it has been cold, but maybe they will be back when the weather is warmer to ask for eggs and pick peppers and tomatoes that aren't quite ripe.  ;o)

Baby #2

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  1. Good to see you blogging, again! If you make more granola, I will be glad to help consume it! Yum!


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