Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicken Heartbreak

So we have four chickens... Today I looked out the window and saw one of the birds is acting really lethargic, standing very still, feathers fluffed up, almost with her eyes closed, not eating, drinking a lot when she makes it over to the water. Her comb is pale and around her eyes look pale, too, if that is possible. Her poop is white and runny. I'm thinking either it might be coccidiosis or cholera... The other birds are still okay as of now. 

But I feel helpless.  I hadn't read anything about illnesses, which I should have.  I am struggling not to act panicky, because there is really nothing I can do at the moment.  All the stores are closed.  We were not prepared for this.  And so we know--we are not really farmers.  Farmers are prepared.  Farmers plan ahead of time for disasters.  Farmers don't panic when they know nothing can be done.  They don't panic when something can be done.

I'm praying for my chicken.  Is that silly?  I'm praying that God will spare her despite our stupidity.  It's not her fault, anyway.  

It is so bittersweet because finally today after almost a year of having chickens, a  troop of kids marched themselves into our backyard, petted the chickens, asked for eggs, played with the baby... I bandaged a bloody toe and handed out some water. It was noisy, but nice.  I felt useful in the neighborhood and my chickens helped pave the way.  Poor chickens. 

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