Monday, June 27, 2011


I have a pile of recycling in my basement that I would like to just throw in the trash.  I'm tired of it in my way.  The thing is, we don't live in a "rich" part of the city, so even though we received shiny brochure in the mail announcing a new initiative in the city to put recycling bins in every alley, we have never seen such a bin.  I have sent complaints to the city, but apparently, my house isn't nice enough, because I never heard a reply.

So they are basically assuming that my neighbors and I don't want to recycle.  Maybe that's because I don't actually have neighbors on either side.  Maybe that's because there isn't even a trash can on our sidewalk so there is trash everywhere, and of course, people who don't throw trash in the trash can are not going to recycle.  Or maybe it's the same reason the Metrolink station on Grand has been a health hazard, while Metrolink stations at Forsyth have colored lights and seat warmers.  Maybe it's the same reason the main streets get repaved while some of our side streets are still cobblestone.  And I wonder if the crack house on the street with cobblestones would be there if the street were paved, or if the street would get paved if there were no crack house.  But that might be off topic.  Or it might not be.

In any case, I did not throw away the recycling.  Why?  Am I that hippy tree-hugger?  Call me what you like, but I actually have faith that my recycled stuff cuts down on new plastics being made, new waste sitting in the landfill that keeps growing, etc.  Maybe my faith is blind and they really just throw everything away. I hope not.  But then, I am one of those people who has the luxury to think about things like recycling.  Anyway, it would seem that the city only believes that rich people want to recycle.

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  1. I have been out of the loop reading these. Or maybe I haven't had any notifications for them???? I don't know, but I always enjoy reading your blogs. You are smart, funny and poignant! Love you!


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