Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The rain barrel didn't create enough pressure for the soaker hose, so we hooked it up to the regular, old faucet.  But the rain barrel works great.

Our soil may drain a little too well with perhaps a little too much sand.  With the kinds of Springs we have had, that might have been a good thing, but it seems we are drying up now and the plants are not shooting up.

The tomatoes might have something eating them, or they might have a disease.  I'm not quite sure.  We blame the compost from Carondelet Park.  But I have no way to tell.  They haven't died completely, so we might be okay. 

The lettuce is still green, but smashed to the ground and not much bigger than a few weeks ago.

The self-watering containers may not be working. 


The other cucumber seeds came up overnight.  They liked being outside, and a really long germination period.  I don't know where we will put them, though.  Maybe where the lettuce is/was. 

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